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Steam Globe Valve

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Established in 2001 Usmani valves Co. Pvt Ltd. is an Industrial Valves Manufacturers for NON-IBR valves. Our company is located in Mumbai Thane City, a political, economic and cultural center with a transportation hub in west India, this city connects with road and rail transport with ease as well having nearest sea-shore in the south coast of Maharashtra State.

Usmani Valves Co. Pvt Ltd. as a manufacturers of “ UTVC “brand valves in the medium - scale sector. Our company's success day by day in all over the country with our dealer distribution network ensuring easy availability of our valves. It is on this foundation that " UTVC" reputation for excellence has built an image & won appreciable response from the overseas market by our local dealers. We manufacture quality valves of almost all types for a wide spectrum of users in the Chemicals, Power Plants, Petroleum, Fertilizers,

Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Textiles, Sugar Breweries & distilleries, Sewage & Water Treatment.

Manufactured in accordance with DIN ND 40 Bolted bonnet with integral yoke, outside screw rising stem suitable for repacking under pressure when fully open. Ends flanged and

Description Material
Body ASTM A216 Gr. WCB/C.I.
Seat Ring Carbon Steel WCB With 13 % Cr. S.S. Facing
Main Valve Carbon Steel WCB With 13 % Cr. S.S. Facing
Spindle S.S AISI 410
Back Sheet S.S AISI 410
Gasket Compressed Asbestos Fibre/ S.S. 304 Spiral Wound With CAF
Bonnet ASTM A216 Gr. WCB/C.I.
Bonnet Bush S.S AISI 410/Bronze
Bonnet Stud Nut ASTM A 194 Gr.2h
Bonnet Stud ASTM A 193 Gr. B7
Cross Bolt & Nut Carbon Steel
Gland Packing Metallic Wire Reinforced Graphite Asbestos
Gland S.S. AISI 410
Gland Flange Carbon Steel
Eye Bolt & Nut Carbon Steel
Yoke Bush Ni- Resist /S.G. Iron
Hand Wheel Malleable Iron/Cast Iron
Washer Carbon Steel
Hand Wheel Nut Carbon Steel