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Usmani Tubes and Valve Co.P.Ltd. has executed large number of orders for many government and private companies for their Air, Water, Steam, Gas, Fly Ash, Pulp, Acids, Slurry, Chemical & Petrochemical Services.“UTVC” Brand valves are now been supplied to world market, with exports to over many countries so far.

Our “UTVC” brand of valves are guranteed and are well equipped along with latest Testing facilities.


1) Teflon seated Ball Valves , Metal seated Ball Valves, Jacketed Ball Valve

2) Forged Steel & Cast Steel Gate, Globe, & Check Valves

3) Y' Type Angle valves & 'Y' Type Strainer & Basket Type Strainers

4) Wafer Type Butterfly Valves, Wafer type Slam & Non Slam Check Valve

5) Flush Bottom valves , 2 & 3 Way Control Globe Valve

6) Plug & Ball type Non-Return Valve & Taper type lubricated Plug Valves

7) Flow Indicator Sight Glass, Angle & Pop type Safety relief valves


Cast Iron Cast carbon Steel : (WCB, LCB)

Forge Carbon Steel : (A105, F304, F316)

Cast Stainless Steel : (CF8M, CF3M)

Forged Stainless Steel : (F304, F316, F304L)


Flanged : DIN standard ANSI-150#, 300#, 600#

Screwed / Socket Welded : ANSI #800, #1500, #2500

Butt Weld : ANSI #600

SIZE : - ¼ “ NB To 20” NB

We now request you to kindly registered our name as one of your supplier for valve and please forward your valuable enquiries. If you need more details, we shall be please to provide the same. Assuring you for best attention always.