quality policy

USMANI TUBES & VALVES CO. PRIVATE LIMITED Quality Policy is to continuously improve our processes, our products and our services to deliver on-time solutions of highest value to our customers.

Our products and services must exceed the need of our customer's requirements by providing quality and reliability. While striving for excellence in product quality and best in class level of service, we maximize customer satisfaction at all times.

Because we believe in specialization, Usmani Tubes and Valves Company's "Design & Development" department carries out product design, analysis, process evalution and simulation. Even in an era of technological sophistication, Usmani Tubes and Valve Co. puts people first by recognizing their value in propelling the company to greater heights.

We offer a safe environment to our employees that encourages and values open communication and teamwork. We constantly provide our employees with the appropriate training and tools with focused roles and clear objectives.

Customer Service has been the guiding philosophy of our growth & makes Usmani Tubes & Valves Pvt Ltd for what it is today

All valves are manufactured as par " Quality Assurance Plan " This ensures that they leave our premises only after having undergone rigorous checks and tests.