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Strainer ‘Y’ Type

Salient Feature

Usmani Valves Co. PVT Ltd. Type Strainers are devices used to separate unwanted solid particles from gas, liquid or steam flowing in a pipe. They derive their name from their shape. The Y-type strainer is commonly applied in pressurized fluid lines as well as in vacuums and suction conditions. It is used where small solid particles are expected within the fluid and there is a less frequent clean out. They make use of a filtering element which is basically a perforated wire mesh.

In instances where the material to be cleaned out from the flow is small hence long duration before screen cleaning, the line is shut down and the strainer cap removed to allow for manual cleaning of the strainer screen. In applications with high dirt density, a blowing system is fitted so that the screen can be cleaned without the need to remove it from the strainer.

Applications of Y-type Strainers

In permanent applications, the Y-type strainer is the most appropriate and common. It works well in mounting horizontal and vertical pipelines. The strainer has a wide range of applications of fluid straining to protect equipment within the pipeline. If left unprotected, the pipeline would most likely end up being clogged. The applications include:

  • Regulator and valve protection.
  • Steam traps protection.
  • Flow meter protection.
  • Pump protection
  • Heat exchanger and refrigerating set protection.
  • Protection of Instrumentation and ancillary piping item.
  • Test Pressure (Hydrostatic) :
    Shell : 15 to 30 kg/cm²g
    Max. Working Pressure : 10 to 21 kg/cm²g
    Max. Working Temperature: 220°C to 350 Degree
    Suitable For Water
    Body Cast Steel, Stainless, Steel Cast Iron IS 210 Gr. FG 200
    Screen Stainless Steel Type 304.316
    Gasket Graphite, Asbestos Spiral wound, Rubber IS 638 Type B
    Bonnet Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron IS 210 Gr. FG 200
    Nuts Carbon Steel IS 1367,B7/2H
    Studs Carbon Steel IS 1367,B7/2H
    Design & construction: API 600, API 6D
    Face to face length: ASME / ANSI B16.10
    Connections & dimensions: ASME / ANSI B16.5, ASME / ANSI B 16.25
    Flanges: RF ANSI #150
    Size: 1” To 16”
    Pressure & temperature: ASME / ANSI B16.34
    Test: API 598