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Control Valve

Salient Feature


This type of Valve with its classic globe body shape, which reflects its Name, uses the variable area generated between the plug and seat to Control fluid flow. It is very versatile offering reduced trim options as well As a variety of special trims for severe high pressure drop applications. This style of valve is easily adapted for use on cryogenic temperatures And for high temperature duties.

This valve is preferred for tight shut – Off, positioning accuracy, high range ability and simplified maintenance, Satisfy the majority of control valve applications throughout the process And power industries in control of Air, Steam, Water, Gas, Chemicals, Paper mills, Sugar Industries, Power plant, Oil refinery Industries, Rice mills industries, Etc.

  • High flow capacity and rangeability.
  • Large variety of Trim design.
  • Top entry for ease of inspection and maintenance.
  • Tight closing for reliable control even when changes in pressure / temperature are sudden and extreme.
  • Bolts located outside of the piping stress area to eliminate gasket crush problems.
  • Wide selection of actuators to meet most system requirement.
  • Rigorously proven on-site performance
    DESIGN ASME B16-34
    VALVE SIZE 15 to 250 mm ( 1/2” to 10” )
    RATING ANSI 150 to 600 or Equivalents to BS, DIN, etc.
    FACE TO FACE ISA S.75.03 up to 600#
    END CONNECTION Flanged, Butt Weld, Screwed, Socket weld.
    BODY MATERIALS Carbon Steel, Chrome-moly Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Alloy20,Hastelloy B/C, Duplex Stainless Steel, Aluminum Bronze, PP, PTFE etc.
    BONNET Standard up to 250°C
    Normalizing (Finned) between 250°C to 500°C
    Extended cold service - 20°C to - 100°C
    Cryogenic - 100ºC to - 250ºC
    Bellows seals.
    GLAND PACKING Grafoil / PTFE V Rings, Low Emission
    TRIM DESIGNS Top Guided Contoured, Splined Micro Flow, V-Ported (Balanced / Unbalanced), Low Noise ( LN1, LN2, LN3, LN4 )
    TRIM MATERIALS Stainless Steel, Alloy20, Monel, Duplex Stainless Steel,13% Chrome Steel Hastelloy B/C, Stellite (Alloy 6 )
    CHARACTERISTICS Equal Percentage, Linear and Quick Opening.
    SEAT LEAKAGE As per ANSI/FCI-70-2 Class III. IV, V and VI (STANDARD LEAKAGE RATES) Metal to Metal Seating Class IV, Less than 0.01% of rated Cv.Metal to Soft Seating – Bubble tight (Zero Leakage)
    ACTUATOR TYPE Diaphragm, Piston or Electric.
    ACTUATOR ACTION Direct / Reverse Acting. DIAPHRAGM : Nitrile / Neoprene.
    SPRING RANGES 3 – 15 PSIG ( 0.2 – 1.0 Kg/cm² )
    6 – 30 PSIG ( 0.4 – 2.0 Kg/cm² ) AIR SUPPLY : 20 – 35 PSIG (1.4 – 2.5 Kg/cm² )
    AIR CONNECTION 1/ 4” or 1/ 2” NPT
    ACCESSORIES Valve Positioner - Pneumatic , Electro Pneumatic, Smart Positioner. Instruments- Air set, Solenoid Valve, Air Lock, Volume Booster, Position Transmitter, Limit– Proximity Switches etc.