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Globe valve class 300

Salient Feature

Globe valves are used generally, because of the comparatively small roughness between the sealing surface when open or closed. Also globe valves are durable, open height is small, manufacturing is easy and convenient maintenance, etc. It can be used not only in the low pressure but also high pressure.

Globe valve closed depend on stem pressure, make the disc sealing surfaces and seat sealing surface tightly. To stop the flow of media, Globe Valves only allowed a one-way medium flowing direction, so globe valves are installed directional.


A heavy duty globe valve to API and BS standards. The seat ring and Wedge Disc are ground and lapped to a mirror finish that provides matching sealing surfaces. A plug type disc is supplied as standard with flat and regulating type discs available on request. Heat treated stainless steel STEM with precision machined ACME threads for long lasting service. Machined Backseat Bushing to provide a secondary metal-metal stem seal. Rising Stem gives open and closed indication of position with large diameter Hand wheel for easy operation. Austenitic ductile iron YOKE SLEEVE gives resistance to heat, corrosion and wear. Two piece self-aligning GLAND BUSHING and GLAND FLANGE to prevent damage with high strength alloy steel STUD BOLTS.

API 6.300 Cast Carbon Steel Globe

Cast steel 300 pound globe valve, suitable for 51,0 bar at 38ºC/28,7 bar at 425ºC.
Swivel plug disk, OS&Y, F6 trim, flanged ANSI 300RF.

50mm to 300mm

  • ASME 16.34, API 600 , BS 1873
  • Bolted Bonnet, Pressure Sealed Bonnet, Welded Bonnet
  • ASA 300#
  • 50 to 300mm
  • RF, RTJ, BW,
  • Plug Disc, Adjustable Disc, Double Disc
  • Back Seat Design
  • Renewable Seat, Welded Seat, Integral Seat
  • Product Types

    Straight types
    Y types

    Based on Body Bonnet Connection

    Screwed bonnet

    Optional features:
    Lantern ring
    Leak-Off & Packing Expulses
    Locking device
    Stem extension
    Low emission packing
    Bellows seal
    Zero stem leakage