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Gate valve Extension Stem

Salient Feature

Usmani Valves Cryogenic valves are specially designed for gas treatment processes and storage and transportation of liquefied gasses such as LNG, liquid nitrogen, Oxygen,. Etc. These valves are required to be operated to give assured leakage rates. These valves which are recommended to use below -50⁰C are designed with an extended bonnet which separates the operator

and stem seal from the cold temperature. 12” gas column is a standard feature for these valves. Extended bonnet

These valves are an extended bonnet with an enclosed vapor chamber to isolate packing from the cryogenic fluid and thereby allow packing to function properly.

Usmani Valves Cryogenic designs and liquid nitrogen testing facilities go much further to assure proven

Performance in this most demanding application.


Suitable for working condition must be adopted for low temperature valves. Especially in the petrochemical industry, the types of fluids to be processed are different according to each section even in the same plants. At the same time, the temperatures used are also different. A full consideration must be paid to the selection of material.

Body and Bonnet

As for the materials constituting the low temperature valves, special consideration must be paid to the materials used at pressure parts as in the case of body and bonne

Design API, British standard API 600
Material LCC,LCB, CF8,CF8M,CF3M .
Disc & Seat SS304.304L,SS316,316L,
Trims SS 304,304L, 316,316L, satellite HF etc.
Action Hand Wheel and Gear Box
Rating ASA 150#,300#
Ends conn. Flanged ends , Butt weld, B16.10, B16.25
Size. 2" To 24"
Mfg. BS 1414, API 600
Testing API 598 / BS 6755
Application LNG, Nitrogenic, Oxygen, CO2,Cryogenic Industries